Author: Acacia St. Anthony

Genuine Femininity: The Rosary and The Churching of Women in the Church Post Vatican II

To read part two of this series, click here. In the first two parts of this series, we looked at a few practices and a sacramental that went to the wayside after Vatican II. In this final part, we’ll talk about the public recitation of the Rosary and a ceremony known as “the churching of women”. The Most Holy Rosary This is something that, happily, is changing but the fact that it needed to is disconcerting in itself. Before beginning this series, I polled some traditionalist Catholics. To my surprise, more than one commented on public recitation of the...

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Fasting and Prayer After Vatican II

To read part one of this series, click here. In the last blog post, we looked at the lost devotion called the Agnus Dei and the practice of veiling (the latter is gladly beginning to gain ground again). In this article, I’ll be talking about two forms of fasting and abstinence that have all but disappeared in the general Church. It is true that some groups still practice these but, for the average Catholic, they are no longer on the radar Ember Days Before Vatican II gutted it, the Catholic calendar was rich and full of days for feasting...

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Devotions and Practices in a Post-Vatican II World

Part one of series… Vatican II, though opened with the best of intentions, threw the Catholic Church into chaos. Comparing the Church today and the Church a mere seventy years ago is mind-numbing. It’s almost as if one Church walked into the Council and a completely different one walked out. Theological repercussions and architecture aside, two victims of Vatican II were devotions and practices. Today, a majority of Catholics either have never heard of these practices. If they have, then they most likely see them as relics of the past with no value today. This is just one of...

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We Live In An Upside Down World: The Endorsement of Relativism

A disturbing trend has been taking over movies, books, and television shows. It isn’t only the endorsement of relativism but something a little more insidious. It’s taking what is evil and making it good or at the very least misunderstood. Earlier this year, I read a book called Silver on the Road by Laura Anne Gillman. On reading the summary, I thought the author took the broad devil archetype and applied it to her novel. (In some ways, my secular liberal arts degree still lulls me in a false sense of security regarding books.) Unfortunately, I learned that the...

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The Solar Eclipse: United in Amazement

Once every eighteen months, a total solar eclipse is visible from some point on our vast, blue planet. Vast is the keyword. Most can go their entire lives without seeing a total solar eclipse. That certainly earns it the prestige of being a “bucket list item”. When I learned about the first total solar eclipse to cross the contiguous United States in nearly a century, joy and anticipation swept through me. I would finally get to see something I only ever saw in pictures. As a little girl, I was once so enchanted by the moon, I wanted to...

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