Author: Acacia St. Anthony

The Great American Eclipse

This is part two of a three-part series. Click here to read Part One. Dubbed the Great American Eclipse, this astronomical phenomenon will cut a path over the United States from Oregon to South Carolina on August 21. The last time an eclipse crossed the contiguous United States was in 1918. World War I was within a few months of ending and the US had only entered that war the year prior. The rarity of the event, coupled with the fact that most people have not even seen a partial eclipse, makes the excitement understandable. But what, exactly, is...

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St. Lawrence’s Tears: Viewing the Perseid Meteor Shower

This is the first of a three part series. The earliest mention of the Perseid Meteor Shower comes from China. A record from A.D. 36 remarks that eyewitnesses saw more than 100 meteors one morning. Centuries later, that same shower became associated with the martyr, St. Lawrence the Deacon and called St. Lawrence’s Tears. Perseus and St. Lawrence Meteor showers receive their “official” name from the constellation from which they appear to originate, called their “radiant” (as in, they radiate out from that constellation). In 1835, Adolphe Quetelet identified Perseus as the radiant for this August shower. However, before...

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Charlie Gard: An Omen for Our Times

On July 28, a mere week before his first birthday, Charlie Gard died. Charlie suffered from a rare genetic disorder that rendered him unable to breathe on his own or move. As I described in an earlier article about the case, his parents wanted to take him out of Great Ormond Street Hospital (or, GOSH) to another hospital in the States for experimental treatment. The hospital assured them that if they raised the funds, they could. Perhaps GOSH never expected Connie and Chris to raise over a million dollars. When they did, the hospital refused to release Charlie Gard....

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Traditional Catholicism: That Old Time Religion

Traditional Catholicism is a sensitive topic. Oftentimes, it feels as if other Catholics and “Trads” are at odds with each other. In fact, I recently witnessed a Twitter firestorm over a “Trad” Catholic criticizing some priests for break dancing at a conference. Immediately, other Catholics accused her of being easily offended and Pharisaic. They twisted her words and made it sound as if she condemned the priests. In reality, all she did was express an opinion that the priests were behaving in a manner at odds with the dignity of their vocation. She also criticized Life Teen, which is...

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In Minnesota, Satanists Miss the Point

Satanists thought they stood up for freedom of speech but, in reality, they stirred up a battle as ancient as Earth. And it started in the most unlikely of places. In the Veterans Memorial Park of Belle Plaine, Minnesota, a two-foot tall monument once stood. Unobtrusive but poignant, it showed a soldier kneeling in prayer beside a cross. Many locals affectionately called the soldier “Joe”. Then, in January, city leaders removed the monument. Why? A member of the Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter to the city’s attorney. It stated Joe wrongfully suggested only Christians died for their...

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