Author: Lauren Renz

Do We Have To Prioritize Subjectivity Or Objectivity?

When we look at the world, it’s through our own tinted glasses. Our tint remains a shade different than our neighbors and friends no matter if we’re agreeable on practically every subject or disparate to the ninth degree. On the other hand, objectivity is a philosophical concept that has been related to the truth outside of a subject’s individual biases. However, in order to obtain an objective mindset, a sentient being must forsake the shaping his or her life has provided. For this reason, I believe we all have a responsibility to make important decisions with fine-tuned tact. We must...

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How To Reclaim Your Right to Grit

We roll to work on plush seats listening to radio waves, and sipping at perfectly heated drinks because of someone else’s sweat and tears. We can’t relate to scavenging for food, and surviving in a world where predators outnumbered us by threefold, because the meat between our ears never gave up. Remember how far we have come as a species and realize just how much you can endure.  What’s really going on? More often than not, the reason we feel suffocated and overwhelmed lies levels below the problem we attribute our pain to. For instance: unhappiness at a job...

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Beat Indecision in Ten Minutes

More often than not, indecision comes later in life when things are going smoothly. Now, this seems illogical: shouldn’t we be more confident in our own inner compass when we are well established? Surprisingly, studies show that seasoned executives running top tier companies are better at making decisions when they first rise to the position of CEO and experience heavy bouts of indecision only after being top dog for some time. Psychologists reason that this is a direct result of factors that have become embedded in their routines that were initially viewed as cumbersome, but became part of their...

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