Author: Kevin Burke

Glee Star Naya Rivera Shares Her Abortion Story

Glee star Naya Rivera was arrested November 25th for an assault on her husband Ryan Dorsey.  The couple was arguing over an issue related to their 2-year-old son Josey at the time of the incident: “According to authorities… Rivera struck [Dorsey] in the head and face. He had minor injuries consistent with his claims, and further showed authorities a video taken during the alleged incident.” What will be a footnote in many news accounts of this couple’s painful public conflict – is an abortion they shared in 2010. It is likely that abortion experience continues to play a central role in the suffering and...

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Kevin Burke on the Legacy of Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy Magazine died September 27, 2017. The Playboy brand, beginning with the magazine’s premier issue in 1953, promoted a wealthy Gentleman’s Club vibe.  The pages were filled with cultured and enlightened urban bachelors enjoying the finer things in life; jazz, the best food and drink, exotic travel, trendy fashion…and of course, beautiful women. Yet while Hefner filled his clubs and magazine with scantily clad women dressed in ridiculous and demeaning bunny outfits, he also set out to be a key player in the unfolding cultural revolution of the 1960’s. Hefner’s son Cooper shares: “My father lived an exceptional and impactful life as a media and...

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Abortion Providers Bank Off of Black Communities

Par·a·site:  An organism that lives in or on another organism (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the host’s expense. Abortion rights propaganda has influenced many of our nation’s citizens, and tragically many Christians, to see abortion as a woman’s private and personal health care decision. Abortion may be considered private in that it is often a closely guarded secret. But the emotional and spiritual shockwaves after the procedure make it very much a family and community mental health concern. In 2014 Pope Francis shared: “How many hurt families, how many broken marriages…there is a crisis in the family.” In the...

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Abortion Physicians are the Modern-Day Nazi Doctors

Psychiatrist Robert Jay Lifton interviewed 28 former Nazi doctors and Auschwitz prisoners who worked with the German medical staff. Dr. Lifton described how the physicians rationalized their complicity in the death of millions of innocent men, women, and children. “These doctors had not killed anybody until they got to Auschwitz, so they weren’t extraordinary killers to start with. They were ordinary people who in that way were socialized to evil.” – Dr. Robert Lifton Every prisoner in Auschwitz was marked to die. They had no control over that. To experiment on their prisoner/patients was to bring some good out of those who...

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How Are Men And Fathers Haunted By Abortion Regret?

I was surprised and encouraged to see an article in the Daily Mail Abortion and the Men haunted by Regret featuring a number of fathers sharing openly about their abortion regret experience. One father, Tony shares about his state of mind at the time he learned of an unplanned pregnancy. His partner Jenny was set on termination even as Tony pleaded with her to give birth to their child: “My mind was all over the place…You are experiencing such conflicting thoughts and emotions. On one hand, you’re trying to get your head round the fact you’re going to be a dad when you...

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