Author: Jed Belaguas

A New Catholic Hip Hop Album from Dr. Anthony Vento – Paradox of the Truth: Water

This is an unofficial sequel to Dr. Anthony Vento and Life’s Inmates‘ The Paradox of the Truth. Just like the mission of Vulgate Media, if you want to check out the truth told in a new way, make sure to listen to his latest work. Dr. Anthony Vento is an author, musician, former seminarian, and former co-worker of mine, using his artistic gifts to spread the Gospel. Like his last album, Paradox of the Truth – Water features the beats and rhythmic styles old-school hip-heads will love. Dr. Anthony Vento, or Dr. Ant for short, is a New Jersey native,...

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Pro-Life Allies in Unexpected Places

There are many losers in today’s political atmosphere, but due to all the writing and debate that’s being pushed out because of it, one of the main winners would have to be the field of rhetoric and its importance in politics. The recent elections in the United States and Europe all challenged our way of thinking and what exactly we put our weight in. The philosophies of political parties will almost extend itself to political group-think. More often than not, nurture breeds our nature and the fundamental schools of thought that govern our ways of thinking more often than not...

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A Hip Hop Gospel Album? Listen to “The Paradox of the Truth”!

If you ever thought hip hop was an unorthodox way to promote the truth and evangelize, think again! Christian Hip Hop had roots underground during the 80’s, when Hip Hop was just starting to get popularized. Now, with artists like Lecrae, Tedashii, Trip Lee, and Andy Mineo slowly overtaking the Gospel and even mainstream Hip Hop charts, expect more and more artists to utilize Hip Hop Gospel as a way of art and for sharing their experiences. Enter Dr. Anthony Vento and Life’s Inmates. They recently released their debut album The Paradox of the Truth this year. The album definitely has...

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