Author: Gwendolyn Hoff

A Declaration: Independence from Britannia, Not God

The Declaration of Independence, the piece of historical paper I will describe in the paragraphs below, was crafted by God-fearing men, for the end-game of religious freedom – not just autonomy from England. As we make a big hairy deal about the summer’s major-est holiday, complete with fireworks and BBQs, let us remember that there is no such thing as separation of State & Religion. Worshiping God was the prime incentive for challenging the World’s greatest power of the day. I cannot help thinking that God may be removing his loving hand from an increasingly ungrateful United States of America....

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K-Love All-Star Spotlight – Matt Maher

On this inaugural edition of K-Love Radio All-Stars, we at Vulgate Media feature a stalwart named Matt Maher. There is no greater illustration (or should we say composition) of an artist that dots the K-Love radio playlist. You may be saying to yourself, “There are other Christian music radio stations that I listen to.” And this is true, as in the case of Shine.FM here is far-south suburban Bourbonnais @ Olivet Nazarene University. I am personally guilty of  station hopping when I am yearning to here a more inspiring tune. The point is, if you need to fill your...

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Putting Away the Hymnals: on Modern Christian Music and K-Love Artists

There is a drum kit, mic stands, a Roland Digital Piano-Keyboard and a couple guitar stands lurking in the background, behind your pastor/priest/celebrant, these days.  There are new faces on the altar/stage/platform at your local place of Worship. They could be your neighbors or butcher or banker. One could even be the Youth Pastor, putting his bass guitar prowess for the congregation to see and hear. They call themselves the worship team. It is their job to: Provide a spiritual ambiance Lead us into worship Help us sing praises to God Tie the music into the message Play us out into the...

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The Roots of a Cause

For you readers, new or even newer, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Gwendolyn Hoff. I am an author,  a writer, but most of all I am a Christian whose focus would normally be on Historical or Science Fiction, certainly a far cry from the norm here at Vulgate. If it is alright with you, I would like to be a reliable source of pertinent information (with a dash of entertainment) on this burgeoning website. If “Telling the Truth in a New Way” is the credo hereabout, then I am all in. I would even dare...

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