Author: Dr. Ant, Servant Without Merit

What is The Meaning of American Identity?

According to the thesis, which will be presented in the current book, the American identity is monolithic and homogenous, although it communicates daily with other cultures and despite the fact that it contains a given set of subcultures within. The American identity belongs to a community of people sharing the same values, religious beliefs, political views, and historical memory. It has been formed through common experiences, common beliefs, and cooperation. All new-coming immigrants have to accept our traditions, values, language, etc. This is the formal side of the definition. As S. Huntington observes, the core of the American identity...

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A History of the Foundations of Catholic Education

Education is the symbol of the modern era. Contemporary system of education emerged as an outcome of the fast industrial development: factories needed workers, and workers had to gain some special skills to work with machines. In the course of time, various new professions appeared which required developing new skills and abilities. Besides, the old approach to knowledge was transformed into the Baconian approach: knowledge is power. To know means to control, to be able to act properly. Whereas prior to F. Bacon knowledge had been perceived rather as wisdom (important principles related to how to live righteously, or...

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