Author: Daniel Michel

Origins and Portrayals of the Modern Millennials

In West Hollywood suburbia, a 20-year old Internet/Television star, Jake Paul, was reportedly disrupting the entire neighborhood with antics along with his “team” which is named Team-10. To give a quick summary, he started with the now rightfully failed social media platform, VINE, making short 7-second skits of him and his brother, Logan Paul, performing outrageous stunts and antics. When VINE failed, the brothers moved their content over to YouTube only soon after to be discovered by various studios to use them for advertising, characters, etc. One of these studios happens to be Disney. However, specifically, Jake Paul, gaining...

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The Culture Wars Christians Missed

For a while now, many of the political Christian conservatives have warned and declared the existence of a “culture war” that exists in the West, more pronounced in the United States. There certainly was foresight to these calls as we see the degradation of culture today, but it is also clear their goals and means to said goals were unclear, dubious, and almost utopian. Today, that movement is still in disarray. The election of Donald Trump was not a vindication of the old religious culture wars, but rather a slight against the encroachment of political correctness in society, media...

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The Attack on Free Thought Today – and What Might Happen 10 Years from Now

Back in 2009, a comedy show called “Whitest Kids You Know”, a crude and at many times offensive show on HBO, aired a skit of a dystopian future (NOTE: HEAVY LANGUAGE) set in the United States in the year 2027, where somehow the Nazi party rose back to power unexpectedly and their main target of contention in society was no longer the Jews but rather “jerks”. The skit goes on in almost 1990s fashion of a respectable local harboring what seems to be a childish, abrasive, selfish loser which obviously is the jerk the Nazis look for. The local...

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The Violence of the Left, Validated Long Ago By Both Sides

By now, everyone has taken seen and absorbed the monstrosity of Kathy Griffin’s beheaded Trump skit, enough so to cause such a reaction for CNN, known for fueling opposition to Trump, to fire her. This may seem like a small victory for those against the Leftist promotion of violence and Trump opposition, but in the long term, one should recognize this behavior is systemic, not just anecdotal. It is not just an incident by lone wolves like Kathy or groups such as “Antifa” and the like, but rather an actual ideology and accepted political activism that is not questioned...

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