The inspiration for Vulgate Media was historical. I always admired the Church Fathers, and as a marketer and communicator, St. Jerome had a big influence on my initiative’s vision. He was the saint best known for translating Scripture from Greek to Latin and the driving force for evangelizing the truth, at a time the truth was cloudy and malleable. Christianity was still in its nascent stages in his time. The Church, while growing, was under siege by other nations, religions, and ideologies. St. Jerome, and the Councils that followed suit paved the way for making the Gospel of Truth more accessible to others.

Since his time, Scripture has seen hundreds more iterations and translations, constantly being told across different forms of media. The way we have told the story has evolved, yet the message remains the same.

Today, the Church still feels the need to renew their evangelization efforts. The Church is still in a deep crisis, in its formation, values, and its evangelical tactfulness. The faithful must carry the truth of the cross into the public square. Many of us have stories to tell, news to report, and revelations to share, yet don’t know how.

Vulgate Media aims to provide a solution to this crisis in faith. We aim to carry on the tradition of St. Jerome by telling the truth in a modern way.

Another inspiration for the Genesis of Vulgate Media is Archbishop Fulton Sheen. Armed with a sharp mind and amiable personality, he was responsible for spreading the Truth to such a broad audience. Like St. Jerome, Fulton Sheen evangelized using the most powerful and modern tool at the time: television and radio.

Now, the modern way of spreading Gospel of Truth is through you, the reader. The everyday person now has the power to reach millions of people in the palm of their hands through digital and social media. The Church is gifted with everyday preachers, missionaries, and evangelists, and each of us has a unique story and truth to share, Vulgate Media will be your platform that empowers you to bring these stories to the public.

Because of you, everything shared on the Vulgate Media channels matters. This is how we succeed in spreading the Gospel of Truth.

“Employ these new technologies to make the Gospel known, so that the Good News of God’s infinite love for all people, will resound in new ways across our increasingly technological world!”
–Pope Benedict XVI, From the General Audience in May 2009 in anticipation of World Communications Day, May 24. Protection Status