It’s just the start of 2018 but you might feel that your faith and trust in God are already been tested. You’re praying for something very important over your life before 2017 ended and you kept on praying for it until now, trusting that God will help you and answer your prayers. But His silence makes you wonder if He really hears you. You might be in a situation where you’re waiting for a dream to come to pass. You’re waiting for that job opportunity, for that breakthrough, for that healing to happen, for a relationship to be restored. But days passed and still, your situation is not changing. You can’t help but compare your situation with other people’s posts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You see people on social media posting about being blessed during this early start of the year. You, on the other hand, are being tested and you have this question in mind, does God ever notice me?

To that, God says,

“I will never fail you nor forsake you.” Hebrews 13:5         

God answers our prayers not according to our own timelines but according to His will. At times, it seems that He’s too late responding to our needs. When we look at our situations, we might even say that He’s not fulfilling the promises He made or He doesn’t even take care of us. Our situations look like it’s not changing but we have to keep remembering that God’s ways are higher than our ways. The way He does things is different from us. He sees the bigger picture and that’s one of the reasons why our trust should never waiver. God’s actions always have a purpose. We may not know every reason behind every action but we know we can trust His heart that He wants only the best for us.

At times, God may be silent. At times, He may not respond the way we want Him to. But that doesn’t mean He’s not listening. It doesn’t mean we’re not being heard enough. In His silence, it doesn’t mean He’s not working things out for our good.

“God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.” Psalm 46:1

God is assuring us that we can rely on Him. That even though we don’t hear Him speak, He is taking care of us. He is our help during our troubles. He can be the strength that we need when feel like giving up.

Rest assured that He hears your prayers. He has been faithful to your life over the years. He gave you blessings for blessings because He is good. You have to trust that He knows what’s best and that includes the “when” in your life. You may compare your life to others, but you have to start tracking down all the struggles you’ve faced and overcome through God’s grace because He never failed you. He is truly a faithful God to us.

So if your heart is longing for something right now, a prayer, a request, a need, a desperate whisper to God, please know that He hears you. He knows your life and every single detail of it. You may not understand His ways right now and the way He does things, but He’s reminding you that nothing happens to you by accident because He will never ever forsake you.

God is working behind the scenes. It’s not “to see is to believe” but we have to live in faith believing in the things unseen. Do you have to ask yourself this question: “How many times have God pushed me through on a struggle, on a situation that seemed impossible? God helped you to overcome that seemingly impossible situation. Now, you are in this kind of spot again where you face something difficult. The question is what will you focus on? God’s unwavering goodness or your endless worries? Will you keep on relying on what the situation looks like or you’ll declare God’s promises over and keep on believing in Him? Whatever your decision is, it will determine your attitude. Worry will bring nothing to your life. But faith will bring hope to your heart.

So remember that if you feel like God is silent, it is not because He does not hear you. God is silent because He trusts us that we already know that this situation is going to be turned around because we already know Him as a good Father. As you read this, may you place your hope in the Lord and His ever-present help and remember that God is always watching over us.