As obsessive creatives with an entrepreneurial spirit, it’s safe to say we’re addicted to TED Talks! Leadership expert Roselinde Torres goes to great detail in this engaging presentation, uncovering what makes great leaders tick.

Managing organizational change and purpose is as much a science as it is an art form. And with this call to leadership comes a sense of inspiration that must permeate from our role as marketers and communication practitioners.

Change must be anticipated, as Torres mentions how “relying on traditional development practices will stunt your growth as a leader.” Our network must maintain a breadth of diversity, which in turn will foster a climate that promotes a deeper understanding of the goals, mission, and vision, which is likely to foster greater alignment, identification, and strategic focus throughout an organization.

Abandoning the past is one thing, but capitalizing on change is crucial especially when geared toward seeing change as an abnormal rather than a normal part of system behavior. In a sense, Torres is right in saying that, “great leaders understand that having a more diverse network is a source of pattern identification at greater levels and also of solutions because you have people that are thinking differently than you are.”

Yet despite all this, many organizations are afraid of change. To remedy this, we as marketers must seek to be implementers of change initiatives, as they are responsible for negotiating demands for their time and attention as well as attending to severe resource constraints.

When engaging clients, we suggest advocating for innovation and growth, especially in new markets or ventures. Begin by demonstrating an atmosphere of transparency, as followers are largely responsible for their own actions, but leaders are held accountable for the actions of others. It is from here where you can cultivate a creative, innovative approach to marketing strategy.

Photo Credit: Vimeo | Gifts to Give | Originally Syndicated from Matt Pana’s Blog