You may be asking yourself right now, “What earthly reason would I have for wanting to devote that much time and energy into something that I have already heard about and am not interested in, at all, like the Bible or what it says?” Well, let me tell you the “March for Life is coming up”.

All right, now consider this from an even more practical perspective. The Bible only teaches you things that you know to be the most healthy, the least stressful, and that are unquestionably the right ways to live and maintain your integrity & honor, so if for no other reasons than these, wouldn’t you want to learn what it says and live that way? If your car owner’s manual says to put 10W/40 oil into your engine, are you going to put the 90W oil? Of course not! If a road sign shows you a 180-degree hairpin turn ahead, will you maintain your current speed or slow down? Well, slow down, of course! So if the Bible tells you to avoid or do certain things, why won’t you heed that message? It inspired by your Manufacturer, the one who made you. Wouldn’t He have the best idea of how to maintain you as well? Even from a historical viewpoint, wouldn’t you want to learn what people a few thousand years ago figured out was or wasn’t healthy living? It makes perfect sense to study this renowned book. The Bible has life lessons in it that can make even our grandfather’s stories pale by comparison.

In our “hi-tech” culture, we all too often begin thinking how great we are and how gloriously intelligent woman have become since Grandma’s days. Our technology seemingly promises to fix all of our problems and make all of our lives more comfortable, convenient, and stress-free. The overwhelming evidence proves to us precisely the opposite. Never in the history of humanity has there been more stress; stress-related crimes, stress-related illnesses, stressed marriages and homes, emphasized children at ever-increasing younger ages, and stress-related suicides.

What we seek in our society most often is not the truth, but justification. You attempt to justify your lifestyle, your actions, and your thoughts. You do not want to hear anything that might contradict your life, but only those things that support it. Most of us, including you, usually become very offended, angry, and sometimes very vocal if we hear, see or read anything that speaks to or even questions our life or actions.

While we are on the subject of truth and our society, I must address the idea of ‘Absolute Truth’ and whether it is a myth or a reality. In a plethora of surveys conducted by Christian and non-Christian groups, the results have been overwhelmingly the same with well over 80% of Americans believing that there is no “Absolute Truth’ that we can all embrace as a nation as a corporate belief foundation.

First, I am very thankful for the freedoms that we have in America, and fully realize the great blessings that we have and the strengths that are available for us to use in preserving our great nation. However, the religious rights that we founded on now being perceived as unpopular among the many “special interest” groups not only concerns me, but is now calling me out for a confrontation that I did not seek, yet am more than willing to oblige.

Jesus told us that if we proclaim the Father before men that He will declare us before the Father, and if we do NOT proclaim the Father, neither will He proclaim us before Him. Our silent disapproval is not saying our Father before men, and is in fact, expediting the agenda of the “special interest” groups. Ours is truly a “silence of the lambs”, being every bit as destructive to God as Hannibal was to those around him in the movie I am referring.

We grumble and mumble, but these other groups boldly proclaim their allegiance to Satan as loudly as they can. We sign petitions and send emails, but these other teams rise and attack mercilessly, violently raping every belief in God and those that claim Him as they rage forward with their agendas. While I do NOT support the rising of Christians in a full-blown physical, religious war, I DO question whether Christians as a whole in our country understand who we are and Whom we serve!

Do we fully understand the strength of Him whom we serve? Do we realize that our Leader is the One who raised men from the dead? Who healed with a simple touch, or with words spoken from His lips? Do we remember that our Leader parted an entire sea to deliver His people? That He alone spoke our very being and our entire completely perfect ordered universe into existence? Do we remember that it was OUR Father that even Satan had to consult with and get permission to test Job and that afterward, God rewarded Job with far MORE than he had before he proved?

Why do we appear weak and afraid? Why do man’s laws and the threat of jail scare us so? The apostles knew persecution far beyond what we will ever experience in this country. They were stoned, beheaded, and publicly shamed before their violent deaths. Just for believing their Father, our Father, before men.

Things being what they are, would we say we are drawing nearer the “finish of the age” discussed in Sacred writing? Is the arrival of Jesus Christ the world’s next enormous thing?

The Book of scriptures evidently expresses that Jesus Christ WILL come back once more (Matthew 24:3, 30, 37, 44). Jesus said (Matthew 24:36), “Yet of that day and hour knoweth no man, actually no, not the holy messengers of paradise, but rather my Dad as it were.”

The Father as it were? Not by any means Jesus? At that point, how might WE know?

The four signs of Matthew 24:4-7 include:


The defenders and disciples of the many religions of the world would agree on one logical thing, i.e., they cannot ALL be right. Despite all of today’s religious tolerance talk, logic tells us that universal theological accuracy cannot attain. In other words, many people apparently deceived where the things of Christ are concerned. However, such spiritual deception is not a new thing. Many believe that the Bible describes the coming of a prominent religious figure who will deceive millions by doing miracles and promoting lies in place of Biblical truth (based upon 2 Thessalonians 2:3-12; Revelation 13:11-14).

2) WARS AND Bits of gossip about WARS

Jesus anticipated that the finish of the age would be set apart by “wars and bits of gossip about wars” (Matthew 24:6). Wars have been with us for centuries, yet the twentieth century was the first run through in history when the whole world went to war. TWICE. Today, there are posse wars, a war on fear-based oppression, medicate wars and even star wars. Jesus anticipated that “country would ascend against the country, and kingdom against kingdom” (Matthew 24:7). “Kingdom” alludes to a domain, a political substance. “Country” (ethnos) alludes to a specific country, yet also a clan, race or social gathering. In late decades, ethnic strife over religion, race, sex and right decisions, can be found in each culture and subculture on the planet.

3) Starvations AND Plagues, Maladies and Scourges

Hopeless maladies, for example, Helps and winged creature influenza are causing overall frenzy and destruction. Indeed, even ailments once thought about vanquished (tuberculosis, cholera and jungle fever) are coming back with retribution, as microbes end up noticeably impervious to anti-infection agents. Therapeutic specialists caution that fast universal travel and weakening social, political and clean conditions in many parts of the world have made the potential for across the board illness pestilences.


These days, there’s a whole lot of shaking going’ on! Charles Spurgeon said, in 1868, “At this present time, the groaning and travailing which are general throughout creation, deeply felt among the children of men.” Yes, remarkable natural conditions are additionally raising genuine concerns. An Earth-wide temperature boost patterns are upsetting climate designs the world over, creating record-breaking dry spells, backwoods flames, storms, and surges. Starvations exist on a few mainlands. The most sizzling years at any point recorded have happened in this previous decade. Quake action is developing more hazardous as individuals jam into expanded urban territories.


Luke 21:25-28 proclaims: “There will be signs in the sun, moon, and stars. On the earth, countries will be in anguish and perplexity at the thundering and hurling of the ocean. Men will black out from dread, uneasy of what is going ahead of the world, for the superb bodies will demonstrate. Around then they will see the Child of Man arriving in a cloud with power and incredible eminence. At the point when these things start to happen, stand up and lift up your heads because your recovery is moving close.”


Read Ezekiel 38 and 39 and Song 83 and 84. Many trusts that these sections depict an assault upon Israel by an adversary comprising of a few Center Eastern countries alongside Russia. In spite of the fact that these nations have assaulted Israel at some time all through history, NEVER have every one of these countries participated in a bound together confederation against the Jews all in the meantime. Never have any of these nations assaulted Israel in a collision with Russia.

So what does this have to do with the March for Life? How could a movement rooted in love for God’s greatest gift — life and human dignity — be so undermined by today’s society? How can women continue to feel empowered, when abortion cripples them? Why does the dignity of the human person continue to be ignored by world leaders? Why do even our own prophets undermine its importance? Truly, it’s a sign of things to come.

Featured photo credit: Franciscans of the Immaculate