We sit down with Paul Stark, Director, and Producer of the new film The Vatican Deception, and discuss his thoughts on the Catholic Church, its direction, and how the new film will help answer those questions.

  1. Why did you choose to make this film? What was the inspiration behind it?

    My interest in this film began with an interest in the prophecies of Fatima. When I read about them for the first time, and I learned about the apparitions, and the miracles associated with them, I was blown away by the epic nature of the story.  It seemed as biblical to me as the story of Moses, yet it had happened in our times.  My grandparents were alive when it happened.  Although my first instinct was to write a dramatic screenplay about the events of 1917, which I did, my research led me to an equally intriguing story about how the prophecies were handled by the Vatican since then, and how we are now seeing the precise fulfillment of these ominous prophecies today.  I couldn’t understand how something so spectacular and so deeply cherished by the Catholic Church could become so widely unknown among Catholics.  It didn’t make any sense.  This was what inspired me to investigate further, and to produce the documentary now called THE VATICAN DECEPTION.  Movie trailer and details about the film can be found at TheVaticanDeception.com.

  2. Why do think so many people not know about the phenomena revealed in Fatima?

    I think there are a number of factors that contribute to our lack of awareness about Fatima: Most Catholic schools no longer teach about it for starters, and people are so over-stimulated with media and businesses competing for our attention these days, it’s difficult for any story to cut through all the noise and grab our attention. But I think the most significant factor is that there are deliberate efforts by key people in the Vatican to conceal the prophecies.  They deny the existence of a missing text, they downplay the predictions about future dangers for humanity, and they refuse to explain contradictions between Vatican statements and conflicting evidence.

  3. Why do you think the Church hasn’t revealed the secrets of Fatima in full yet?

    When Pope John XXIII made the decision not to publish the Third Secret in 1960, we see evidence that he did so because this secret was in conflict with his own plans to make major reforms to the church. The prophecies of Fatima were about preserving dogma, while his pontificate was about change, so he set the prophecies aside and pushed through his agenda for renewing the church.  The word he used was “aggiornamento” which means “A bringing up to date”, and the result was that it allowed strange new ideologies to enter into the church which is not in line with the ideologies of Her past.  These new ideologies are understood to be a corruption of dogma, and the people who adhere to them now occupy key positions of power in the hierarchy.  They are the ones with a motive not to reveal the full text of Fatima because Fatima is in conflict with their new dogma.

  4. What can the Catholic Church do in the near future to alleviate its present corruption?

    God only knows. I don’t believe there is a clear solution for the problems that plague the church because to fix any errors in thinking would first require an admission that there had to be errors to begin with.  For the time being, the people steering the church seem intent on maintaining its current direction, so it falls on each individual now to take matters into their own hands by informing themselves about the doctrine that was left behind.  People need to ask themselves difficult questions about what is going on in the Vatican and what this means for themselves and their families.  The challenge here is that a person could take years to investigate all the details if they know little or nothing about them, but this is why we produced THE VATICAN DECEPTION so that people can get a profound understanding of what’s going on by simply watching a 99-minute documentary.

  5. Are you optimistic about the future of the Catholic Church? Of humanity?

    I’m convinced that things will continue to get worse for the Catholic Church and for humanity unless more people start paying attention to the prophecies. The secrets of Fatima, in particular, have given us an ultimatum:  If certain conditions are met, there will be peace.  If not, there will be global disasters the world has never seen.  The upper hierarchy of the church plays a key role in all this according to the precise instructions of Fatima, but so far it has not responded in a way that would bring about the positive outcome promised by prophecy.  Fortunately, we are assured by these same prophecies that there is hope in our future and that the Church will eventually do what is required to usher in a time of peace.  Until then, the global turmoil will continue to escalate.