This is an unofficial sequel to Dr. Anthony Vento and Life’s Inmates‘ The Paradox of the Truth. Just like the mission of Vulgate Media, if you want to check out the truth told in a new way, make sure to listen to his latest work.
Dr. Anthony Vento is an author, musician, former seminarian, and former co-worker of mine, using his artistic gifts to spread the Gospel. Like his last album, Paradox of the Truth – Water features the beats and rhythmic styles old-school hip-heads will love. Dr. Anthony Vento, or Dr. Ant for short, is a New Jersey native, and the style New Yorkers love in their hip-hop music. The album is definitely worth a listen if you’re looking for something new separate from the K-Love worship songs or any music featured in the Roman Missal.
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Lifes Inmates brings the Gospel to life for those going through the struggle! This album is as vital as water!
If you missed their last album, check it out here.


Dr. Anthony Vento’s accomplished publications are available on Amazon. Read an excerpt from his essay on American Identity:

According to the thesis, which will be presented in the current book, the American identity is monolithic and homogenous, although it communicates daily with other cultures and despite the fact that it contains a given set of subcultures within. The American identity belongs to a community of people sharing the same values, religious beliefs, political views, and historical memory. It has been formed through common experiences, common beliefs, and cooperation. All new-coming immigrants have to accept our traditions, values, language, etc. This is the formal side of the definition. As S. Huntington observes, the core of the American identity is the culture that settlers created (Huntington 2004, 62). It is manifested in what he called the American Creed, a system of beliefs that is based upon the principles of equality and individualism (Huntington 2004, 11). But it should be also added that the American identity is related to a biblical story, to a conception contained in many mythologies and legends. This is the promised land, or the land where a people looking for freedom can live peacefully and realize all of its social, political, and economic potential. In this sense, every American has the intuitive knowledge that America is the promised land, and that the Pilgrims imagined it exactly in the way in which the Jews thought of their promised land.