I am, of course, talking about the whole Harvey Weinstein debacle. Everyone famous is seemingly coming out of the woodwork to condemn his actions.

I was raised to have faith and trust in three things: God, first and foremost; hard work; and the American legal system. Over the years, my faith in those three things has not changed, though there have been times that tested my trust in all three of those.  They still remain on the list, while other things have been added or taken off the list. I still have trust in these three things.

I have trust that God will catch me when I fall. I have trust that, if I work harder, I can make various problems go away. I have trust that when someone does something illegal, that they will get what is coming to them.

That is not to say that there are not unjust laws. Throughout the history of the world, there have always been unjust laws. Abortion is legal in a majority of western countries. There is a literal genocide happening around the world. But I do believe in the legal system when it comes to the just laws that have been put into place.

If a minority is being paid less than his/her majority counterpart, there are ways to fix that, namely going to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. If someone is in the process of committing a crime, the police are there if they can be contacted. And if a man sexually assaults a woman, the police will be there to put the cuffs on the man if there is sufficient evidence.

I am, of course, talking about the whole Harvey Weinstein debacle. Everyone famous is seemingly coming out of the woodwork to condemn his actions. And, according to The New Yorker, it was an “open secret” in Hollywood that Weinstein was a rapist, pervert, and sexual abuser. But everyone is only now condemning him.

So, if it has been an “open secret” then why are people only now coming out in condemnation of him? And many women are condemning men for not coming out in condemnation of him. It is all well and good to condemn a man for abusing women, but people often forget that America is not an anarchy where whoever is bigger and stronger is destined for the top position. And even if it were, any number of those women could have gone to a body-building competition and ask those guys to beat the snot out of Weinstein.

I do not mean to demean what the women went through, but I wish people understood the support system that America was built upon. And it seems as though a large percentage of celebrities, in particular, have no understanding of it whatsoever. If it was the kind of secret that everyone knew about, then any number of the men or women who knew this secret could have been the whistle-blower.

But we also have to understand that the legal system is evidence-based, so you have to give it some time before you start condemning the actions that someone allegedly did. Now, the evidence has already been released, but there have been so many false accusations against others that it behooves everyone to wait a few days before making any type of statement.  Of course, a civil society condemns sexual predators.  We actually have an entire set of criminal laws to deal specifically with this issue.  That is the appropriate condemnation for predatory behavior.

Another issue with celebrities’ condemnation of the actions of a rapist is that not being a rapist is the default in America. So they are making statements that are obvious to anyone with any amount of decency. And celebrities do this so often that it has gotten to the point where it almost appears as though they are compensating for something, as though they are attempting to cover up the guilt that they themselves feel.  Hollywood peddles the morally unsound, anything-goes, sexual revolutionary agenda, and then stands in horror as a member of their club does not respect boundaries.

There also seems to be a bizarre difference in the way that Hollywood is responding to Weinstein and how they reacted to the incident with Roman Polanski, who was arrested for statutory rape. While everyone is coming out against sexual assault, there was a petition to release an actual rapist who pled guilty.

And looking down the list, I noticed something interesting. There are some recognizable names on it. Here are some of the names: Woody Allen, Wes Anderson, Asia Argento, Terry Gilliam, Martin Scorcese, and Tilda Swinton. These are merely the signatories of the petition that I recognized from this one source. I have also heard from other sources that Natalie Portman and Whoopi Goldberg have also supported him.

One thing you may notice about the list is the inclusion of Asia Argento’s name. It is somewhat strange that a woman who was allegedly raped would also sign a petition to release a rapist.

In conclusion, most of Hollywood has loose and flowing morals that change on the whim of whoever happens to be in power at the time. Because of this, it is important for everyone involved to have some perspective. I listened to the recording of Weinstein that was taken during the police sting. It more portrayed him as a sad sack who did not physically assault anyone but who could not stop himself from asking the same question over and over again. And the legal system reflects this, as he has still not been arrested as of writing this.

So, to connect this to my first point about the three things that I have trust in, they still have an opportunity to come into play. Pray to God that justice will be carried out and that hearts and minds will turn toward Him. Work hard to find evidence of wrongdoing and, if wrongdoing is found, bring it to the attention of the police.