In West Hollywood suburbia, a 20-year old Internet/Television star, Jake Paul, was reportedly disrupting the entire neighborhood with antics along with his “team” which is named Team-10. To give a quick summary, he started with the now rightfully failed social media platform, VINE, making short 7-second skits of him and his brother, Logan Paul, performing outrageous stunts and antics. When VINE failed, the brothers moved their content over to YouTube only soon after to be discovered by various studios to use them for advertising, characters, etc. One of these studios happens to be Disney. However, specifically, Jake Paul, gaining more infamy than a positive fame, these antics are now starting to harm those around them. In the past few months, Jake has been accused and caught making noise down the road of where he lives with his motorbike and truck, inviting his fans over to his house causing traffic disruptions and lack of privacy for the neighbors, and destroying property (mostly his own, but nevertheless causing a scene.) One neighbor was interviewed recently about what has occurred going into disturbing detail of what Jake is responsible for. The neighbors have started to process a class action lawsuit against the rising star only for him to scoff at them and pretend it is not a big deal.

Admittedly, this story is nothing new. Young star discovered on the Internet has some kind of/virtually no talent which studies find entertaining and use to attract younger demographics. It’s profoundly confusing how these studio managers believe these are good business decisions to sponsor content such as this. These antics are nothing more than what is called “outrage marketing”, which means making profits off the reactions, whether positive or negative, by the general audience. They don’t last very long and for long-term planning, it’s economically unstable. What is more clear from this story is a clear illustration of the generation of the Millennials today. It comes from one word: DIVORCE.

On the surface, it may seem like stories like this about Millennials are isolated incidents of a generation that has not learned proper respect and worth ethic. It takes extra investigating to look beneath the surface of these incidents to understand why many of this generation act this way. One clue about Jake’s behavior, along with his brother, came from Logan Paul himself who made a video with his now-divorced parents. He starts the video with a poignant question which many Millennials should ask their parents; “Why did you guys get divorced and ruin my childhood?” This is, unfortunately, a relevant question to ask for almost half of the Millennial generation have come from parents that have divorced, single mothers, and divorce-remarried. Is it any wonder why there is a newly risen debate over Communion for “Divorced-and-Remarried” in the Catholic Church? It is not for the younger generation, who either are putting off marriage or not getting married at all, but for the generation before (mostly from the West). This generation, commonly known as the “Baby-Boomers” who was born to affluent or military parents post-World War II, grew out of the 1960s and 1970s. Much of the establishment institutions at this time swung to post-modern, Marxist ideology, abandoning Judeo-Christian values rooted in family, respect for authority and private property, and above all worship to God in favor of “Sexual Revolution” (the attempt to normalize pre-marital sex, homosexuality, etc.), anarchy, and Socialism. The results are more than horrific: divorce rates shot up, incurable diseases related to sex became rampant, education was destroyed (now arguably just indoctrination), political corruption, and the damaging of priestly life in the Catholic Church along with Parish life. When the priests are unable to fulfill their duties, the Parishes follow – into the ground.

Now these ideologies were always kept at bay by the more traditional generations beforehand, but with the use of the atomic bombs on Japan and lying to the public about the Vietnam War, the bow broke and these horrible ideas were unleashed. The generations, who once could not only defend the traditional values that gave the Western world its identity by words but also by example, were not able to handle what came after. They could not articulate the beauty and stability the values of Christendom and were forced to see society taken over by these young radicals who went out of their way to hamper the next generation. Public perception would have many believe this operation has been more than a success. Millennials rejecting religion, free trade, and commerce, family, etc. – all these are themes that mostly the mainstream media broadcasts and in a way use to declare their victory.

All is not lost, however, and the Millennials are not all like the mainstream media portrays them to be. In fact, many of them are more aware of the consequences of actions taken from their parents. Jake Paul and the stereotypical brainwashed college student are not representative of the next generation. It is only a scare tactic by the enemies of the West to attempt to convince the population they have gotten to our generation. Do not fall for it. It could not be further from the truth.

The evidence is overwhelmingly against this narrative. The election of Donald Trump (yes, mostly older generations voted for him, but was not successful without the use of the Internet campaigns used), the rise of traditional music and liturgy in Churches, universities losing students rather than gaining, and many more. It is unclear what direction the Western world will take in the long term as the culture is volatile now, but there is more evidence it will not be represented by those of Jake Paul and one not to dread but to hope.