Back in 2009, a comedy show called “Whitest Kids You Know”, a crude and at many times offensive show on HBO, aired a skit of a dystopian future (NOTE: HEAVY LANGUAGE) set in the United States in the year 2027, where somehow the Nazi party rose back to power unexpectedly and their main target of contention in society was no longer the Jews but rather “jerks”. The skit goes on in almost 1990s fashion of a respectable local harboring what seems to be a childish, abrasive, selfish loser which obviously is the jerk the Nazis look for. The local Nazi patrol stops by, investigates his house and find the jerk hiding in the closet. They shoot the man harboring him and take the jerk, who seems unaware of the situation he is in, to their patrol car.

It is a rather ridiculous notion that this skit portrays and obviously was only playing on the word Jew to replace with “jerk”. At least, that is what we as an audience would have thought when seeing this nearly 10 years ago. Now, these days, there does seem to be a witch hunt almost for people of differing peoples that is not by any means an ethnic targeting but rather an ideological or even religious mindset as well as behavioral that contradicts what the establishment takes as gospel. Anyone holding an opposing opinion should be outed as the bigots they are, or as this skit would call them, “jerk” they are. Look no further than the controversy that CNN has found itself on Independence Day, of all days. In response to a Tweet President Donald Trump sent out this week, it shows a GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) file that depicted the CNN logo super-imposed on the at-the-time CEO of the WWE in a scuffle on the ground by then Donald Trump. This fight, based on the 2007 event that happened, was seen by the CNN apparatus as an incitement of violence towards journalists, which was not accepted by most of the American (as well as international) population. Nevertheless, CNN took it upon themselves to find where the original file came from and led them to a well-known Internet forum called “Reddit” where they identified the user along with his real personal information.

As if it wasn’t pathetic enough for CNN investigators to use their money and resources to find who made this joke against CNN (instead of trying to out real criminals, threats, stories, etc.), one of their writers, Alex Kaczynski – the face of the CNN segment “K-File” – published an article, which was the first article on the CNN website, almost boasting how they found the Reddit user. He wrote how he and CNN has decided to withhold the user’s information because of his status as a private citizen (which was where the article should have ended). However, he ends the piece writing, and this directly from his article, “CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change.” If that does not send shivers down one’s spine, then that someone should recap on basic ideas of natural law and human rights. What makes this situation worse is this is not the government suppressing an Internet troll’s freedom of speech to post whatever material he/she chooses; this is a private company. A powerful news organization has publicly shown their colors as the kind of people they are, admitting their power and what they are willing to do with it.

There was always been an understandable fear towards state power when it comes to free speech, freedom of religion, free thought, and freedom of information in general. However, we have not been cautious enough of another element in society that poses a threat. That is individuals of certain ideological persuasions that detest the ideas of freedom and human rights. They have their own worldview they want to impose on the rest of us and will use any resources possible to achieve those goals, and they have. CNN has proven this week what many of us have known for a long time, and cannot reiterate enough during this country’s Independence Day, that they deem certain opinions and practices to be condemned and others that must be supported. This is a real wake-up call not for CNN and the rest of the media and political establishment, but for us who do believe in genuine freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the Salvation offered by Jesus Christ. We cannot sit around and wait for our leaders to save us or make our situation better. That time has passed. It is up to us as individuals to resist these people who hate us for who we are, to avoid a dystopian 2027.