On this inaugural edition of K-Love Radio All-Stars, we at Vulgate Media feature a stalwart named Matt Maher. There is no greater illustration (or should we say composition) of an artist that dots the K-Love radio playlist.

You may be saying to yourself, “There are other Christian music radio stations that I listen to.” And this is true, as in the case of Shine.FM here is far-south suburban Bourbonnais @ Olivet Nazarene University. I am personally guilty of  station hopping when I am yearning to here a more inspiring tune.

The point is, if you need to fill your ears with worthwhile God-honoring music, as opposed to just about anything else, you cannot go wrong with “positive/encouraging” music.

Where were we?

Matt Maher, that’s where.

  • singer
  • songwriter
  • musician
  • proud Catholic

You heard that correctly. He is a practicing Roman Catholic. Aren’t we all practicing at getting better at our faith?

In his own word’s, “My personal mission is really rooted in John 17 in the Gospel, when Jesus prays for unity,” he said, “I’ve really tried to be a Catholic, ministering alongside my fellow brothers and sisters from different denominations ….  But with that being said, it’s a different kind of ecumenism. It’s not one where I’m trying to convince anyone of anything as much as I’m first of all, trying to stand alongside and proclaim Jesus to the world with them,”, in an article from North Texas Catholic .

He went on to say to interviewer Jenara Kocks Burgess, “Jesus is at the center of the Church, even for Catholics with the Eucharist. The Eucharist is Jesus, so Jesus is the center of our Catholic faith. Being able to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with other Christians and just proclaim the importance and beauty of who Jesus is is a great thing. And I think this is what the Holy Father (Pope Francis) has been trying to say. ‘Look, if we can stand together and proclaim Christ on the way, we can understand our differences and talk about them and learn to have a greater respect for each other.’”

Truth be told, the author of this article is Gwendolyn Hoff , a freewheeling “Vagabond in God’s Big Pond”. Actually I would be classified as an Evangelical , which is not to be confused with heretical.

A vagabond is synonymous with “tramp”, but I prefer “traveler”. This Lady is NOT a Tramp.

I am however a fan of this talented man from Newfoundland, Canada. That makes him Canadian, not a Canuck or Kanuck which are possibly derogatory term for a French Canadian.

For Catholics, he is best known for when Pope Benedict XVI visited the United States in April 2008, Maher was asked to lead worship for crowds of thousands at the Rally for Youth and Seminarians in Yonkers, New York, which also featured Kelly Pease, tobyMac and Third Day, among other musicians. He was subsequently interviewed on Fox News, where he played his title track from Empty and Beautiful.[7]  (Wikipedia)

“You may say hymn or you may say Contemporary Christian”, just don’t go and miss Matt Maher – K-Love All Star!