An undercover video recorded by Center for Medical Progress that was previously sealed to the public was released.

This video secretly recorded candid discussions at the NAF conference (National Abortion Federation) which hosted abortion providers and leaders across America. Not surprisingly, more than half were Planned Parenthood employees.

There was something disturbingly different about this video. This sentiment was echoed this morning by various pro-life groups who have since posted the video.  The mood in them was touched with a nervous, underlying hysteria in the mannerisms of the abortion providers I had not witnessed before. It filled me with a combination of dread and something akin to compassion.

Pro-abortion providers and leaders gathered in a dimly lit banquet hall to listen to a peer panelist admit that there is no place amongst the “pro-choice rhetoric” to talk about their experiences. Later, during the mingling, the video captured the alarming conversations. Doctors leaned in confidentially and then proceeded to spill their guts out. The list of horrible admissions included heads that get stuck, women hemorrhaging, fetal eyeballs falling on laps, skulls that break in sharp pieces, the “fear” of baby bodies coming out during an abortion that needs to be held back with forceps, and a lot worse.

There was an element of sick urgency in the doctors’ voices. They weren’t bragging; they were practically begging to unburden themselves. The vast majority of them were women and they spoke in rapid voices and hushed tones, releasing a torrent of terrible confessions.

It occurred to me that this meeting was not so much about networking as it was a support group for abortion providers with PTSD — whether they are aware of it or not. There is no way to do this work without being wounded. These workers feel isolated in their dirty work.

Pro-lifers know about the emotional trauma of abortion workers because we have heard their testimonies for years. We call things what they are. For this reason, the abortion practitioners are more willing than to have conversations with pro-lifers who are not afraid to climb in the ditches with them and get real about the violence. But for these workers, taking the final step towards truth would mean an end to their lucrative careers- something they are very attached to.

Conversely, and by their own admission, they have no voice within the pro-choice rhetoric. The lobbyists, legislators, politicians and CEO’s are solely concerned with keeping abortion in the realm of ideas. They are not interested in hearing about the limbs being ripped off those “tough little objects”.

According to Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, that is where the distinction between the propagandists and the practitioners is made. While the propagandists sit in their comfortable offices, it’s the practitioners who come face to face with abortion.

“I know a lot about what is going on inside the abortion industry and the abortion rights movement, “says Pavone. “And by the way, those are two different things. The propagandists are one group and the practitioners are another. For the propagandists it is very easy: send out press releases, have press conferences, prepare reports and talk about freedom, rights, and choices. For the practitioners, it is another story: seeing women who are crying and screaming and dealing with the bloody parts of little babies.”

Therein lays their dilemma and the reason they secretively meet at these conferences. These people are caught up in the pro-choice ideology machine, too. They are captives in their own ways and worthy of our prayers.  Our job as pro-lifers is to shed light on the darkness by continuing to expose abortion so we can bring healing to those in need.

Priests for Life has partnered with the family psychiatrist, Dr. Philip Ney who has spearheaded the Society of Centurions.  The Society of Centurions provides healing to workers formerly involved in the abortion industry or those who seek to leave it.  We invite them to contact us and to discuss their options for healing and wholeness. We also invite those who know anyone who may benefit from the Centurions to likewise contact us. And let’s pray for all these men and women, that the peace of Christ may be theirs.

Image Source: Wikimedia