There’s a saying that goes “Out of sight. Out of mind.”

But just because someone is far away, doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Distance can breed frustration. Doubt. Making everything seem impossible. Cause sometimes, it’s just too far. It’s just not the same. Other options in life soon replace. Options that are closer to home. Convenient. Easy.

On the other hand…

Distance can also be a power of influence. Creating a longing. With scarcity, comes value. Any brief moment or memory becoming something you hold onto. Your very own collector’s items. To stay. To be forever present. Making each encounter mean something.

My brother once told me that desire knows no distance. Whether you’re separated by blocks or state lines, you can’t deny that feeling in your gut. The urge. The want. To make it work. Making every effort to shorten that gap. That space. As a means to remain closer.

Yet there’s a level of uncertainty. Not knowing what’s to come. Not knowing where you’ll be. But when it’s the right person. Everything is certain. Everything is clear.

You’ll come to realize that the more you see the world out there. The more you want to see that person in yours. But I’m not talking about estranged lovers. Going away to college. Being shipped off to war. Separated by career opportunities or family decisions.

I’ve been in a long distance relationship, for quite possibly my entire life. With a Man. A Son. Born amidst shepherds and kings. A Man who defied death, and helped others do the same. Despite denominations, He is the common denominator.

And I’ll be the first to admit, I haven’t always been faithful. Spending years flirting with the world. But even before I fell for Him, He already fell for me. Three times. While I’ve had my fair share of lovers and significant others, His love is significant. His love is sufficient in my life.

Although some things may be out of sight, out of mind. The true pursuit doesn’t require sight. It requires vision. Seeing the best possible outcome. Approaching with confidence. Having faith. Truly believing. That He’s always been present. That He’s closer than we may think.

Maybe it’s not that we’re too far away. Maybe we’re just not near enough.