If you ever thought hip hop was an unorthodox way to promote the truth and evangelize, think again! Christian Hip Hop had roots underground during the 80’s, when Hip Hop was just starting to get popularized. Now, with artists like Lecrae, Tedashii, Trip Lee, and Andy Mineo slowly overtaking the Gospel and even mainstream Hip Hop charts, expect more and more artists to utilize Hip Hop Gospel as a way of art and for sharing their experiences.

Enter Dr. Anthony Vento and Life’s Inmates. They recently released their debut album The Paradox of the Truth this year. The album definitely has an old school beat and flow. I’m sure those familiar with Christian Hip Hop will enjoy the common themes and great flow from the rappers.

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Their message goes out through all the earth! This album is dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ; for God’s glory and for man’s salvation! WizDumb/Dr. ant wrote the lyrics and Doc One produced the instrumentals for eleven of twelve of the songs.
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap: East Coast
Release Date: 2017
Dr. Anthony Vento has an eclectic creative resume, boasting a praise and worship album (Divine Heart) and two books, available for purchase on Amazon. Order your copies of A History of the Foundations of Catholic Education: A Philosophical Enquiry and  Frater: The Identity of America!