The Pro-Life movement of 2017 must be held accountable! This was syndicated from Fr. Stephen Imbarrato’s blog for Priests for Life. Fr. Stephen Imbarrato provides his abortion testimony for the Silent No More Awareness Campaign

A few months ago, during the 1st Republican Primary debate, while the Center for Medical Progress videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s practice of selling baby body parts were the talk of the news, the Republican candidates were running all over each other trying to convince conservative voters who were the most pro-life candidate. Now only 4 months later, after the Colorado shooting, even though most evidence points to only a coincidental association to Planned Parenthood, the candidates, for the most part, have little or nothing to say about their pro-life positions. Yes, it looks like a bill defunding Planned Parenthood will reach the President’s desk and yes, the political environment has helped that along. However, the atmosphere and the rhetoric is clearly different.

That being said, I have no doubt that as the primary season continues toward actual elections, the rhetoric will heat up again. The Republican candidates know they need pro-lifers to win the Republican primary and they will again run over each other to get our vote. Those who don’t preach the pro-life message will lose.

I, as well as others, have concerns though. Will the eventual nominee truly be the best pro-life candidate? Regardless of who the candidate is, will the pro-life community in this country unite behind the nominee in the general election? Pro-life unity will be necessary for any Republican candidate to win the general election. The tone of the nominee regarding pro-life issues will be a major determinant of the amount of pro-life unity and the strength of the vote we provide.

There is though one other concern, if I may be allowed to look ahead to 2017 and beyond. If the Republican candidate wins the general election, backed by a unified pro-life community, will he or she live up to the rhetoric and promises made in the primary season and general election? It is important that the pro-life community is cognizant of what is said and what is promised. It is most important that we be prepared to hold the new President accountable for everything they have said and have promised and we need to do so from their first day in office. I think the days of being patient should, at that point, be over. If a pro-life Republican gains the Presidency, it will be with a strong, unified pro-life vote. We need to then be unified in demanding, not just words, but actions from day one. The current President has given us an example of how much a President can protect and promote pre-born child killing on demand. We need to expect and demand the same tenacity from a pro-life President to defend and protect life, restrict, reduce, and even end pre-born child killing during their tenure. Can this be done? I say, yes! I believe that we can actually end pre-born child killing in the next President’s 1st term, regardless of they be Democrat or Republican. To do so, the pro-life movement needs to be totally unified and we will need to increase our collective will. But I believe it can be done and I believe we can do it.

We are in a blessed time in the pro-life movement. At no time in recent memory have our issues been more in the forefront of the nation’s consciousness. We must not allow Planned Parenthood’s push back because of the CMP videos followed by the Colorado shooting to deter us in any way. We must not allow the abortion industry’s disingenuous claims of violent inducing rhetoric (for their actions are violent) affect us at all for we know the truth. I believe the time is right for us to call for “sustained national protests” of pre-born child killing in this country. I believe it is the time that the pro-life movement becomes a protest movement. We know our protests are always peaceful and prayerful. We must continue these peaceful and prayerful protests and increase them. Some groups are already doing continuous protests of pre-born child killing using images and signs as well as varied methods to lead the way. Sustained national protests will unify the pro-life community and show our candidate how serious we are. The beauty of using images and signs to tell the message is that we are verbally silent and prayerfully peaceful, yet the nation sees the truth of the violence we want to end and they see how serious we are about ending it.

Image Source: Wikimedia